Understand your fertility,

on your terms

Not sure which test is for you? 

I'm on birth control

(e.g. the pill, hormonal IUD, implant)

I don't use hormonal contraceptives 

(e.g. condoms, copper IUD, no birth control)


“We can't promise anyone a baby. But we can give you a risk profile.”


"I'm aware that waiting 10 more years is probably a bad idea. Or rather, I took a Grip test to understand if it is." 

Lize Korpershoek (34),

film maker

Het Parool (read here)

"I hope the medical world will focus more on preventive care in the future ... Grip contributes to awareness about female fertility and I see that as a good thing

Dr. Grada van den Dool, chairman of the Dutch Association of Fertility Physicians,

via Parool

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Your Test Plan


Get your Grip kit in the post, follow the instructions, and send your sample back to the lab. 


Delivered in 2-3 working days.


Our lab, the same ones fertility clinics use, analyzes your blood sample. We test different hormones. AMH, LH, Testosterone, Chlamydia IgG and TSH.


Use the prepaid envelope. 


In your report, you will see an indication of your egg count and estimated menopause age. Your risk for PCOS, blocked tubes, and thyroid issues.


Takes 7-10 working days..


Our doctors will make a (free) plan with you, and you can ask all your questions in our closed chat group.


Scheduled online.