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We believe it should be easier to plan if and when you’re going to have kids.

First step: do a fertility test and understand your hormonal health.

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"I am in a very demanding career, which can sometimes take over, so it’s nice to know some information about my fertility.

I chose Grip because it's easy to use and very accessible. Within the comfort of my own home, I can find out about my fertility status, or at least if I have a good chance of ovulating each month so I can start planning my family."

Xixi, 31. NHS GP in training from Harrow

What do you get out of the test?


egg count

If you have a lower amount of eggs than average for your age, then you might want to adjust your timeline. We’ll also tell you if you’re at risk of an early menopause.


Hormones are a key indicator of your overall health, which really matters for your fertility. If there are any red flags, then you will be able to fix them while you still have time.