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We believe it should be easier to plan if and when you’re going to have kids.

First step: do a fertility test and understand your hormonal health.

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Xixi, 31. NHS GP in training from Harrow

"I am in a very demanding career, which can sometimes take over, so it’s nice to know some information about my fertility.

I chose Grip because it's easy to use and very accessible. Within the comfort of my own home, I can find out about my fertility status, or at least if I have a good chance of ovulating each month so I can start planning my family."

Xixi, 31. NHS GP in training from Harrow

What do you get out of the test?

egg count

If you have a lower amount of eggs than average for your age, then you might want to adjust your timeline. We’ll also tell you if you’re at risk of an early menopause.


Hormones are a key indicator of your overall health, which really matters for your fertility. If there are any red flags, then you will be able to fix them while you still have time. 


Wait a few more years? What about egg freezing? Maybe change your diet to improve your skin? Talk to our doctors about your results and make a plan based on your data and preferences.


Ling Lin
Co-founder, CPO
Doesn't use birth control

Anne Marie Droste
Co-founder, CEO
Uses hormonal birth control

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personal reports

Not sure what to expect? We're just like you, so we decided to put our (real!) fertility reports online.

Order your test for £139

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A comprehensive hormone profile


Our doctors

We review your test and explain your results through a video consultation.


Dr. Noor Teulings

co-founder, Chief Science Officer


Drs. Emma Dickinson-Craig
Grip Medical Officer


Dr. Ohemaa Nkansa-Dwamena

Dr. Laura Convertino.png

Dr. Laura Convertino
Consultation Doctor

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Drs. Esti de Graaff Consultation Doctor

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Dr. Ivo Budiman
Consultation Doctor

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Dr Silvia Anie-Akwetey Consultation Doctor

So, how does this work?

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Prick your


Order our fertility test, and we’ll send your kit within 3 days. Your test gets customized by our doctors based on your birth control and medical history. We need about 10 drops of blood for analysis. Learn how pricking works.

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Get your

hormone profile

10 days later, you’ll receive your doctor-reviewed, personal hormone profile. Your report tells you more about your fertility, and if there are any red flags.
Read more about your hormones.

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Plan with

our doctors

You get a video consultation with one of our doctors to discuss your results. Our doctors will help you understand your options and possible next steps.


Get to know our doctors.

Your body.

Your data.

Your choice.